Musical Wine Glasses, a Great Gift Idea


Austria is out with a new musical hit – only this time you will be performing it yourself with the help of good wine and some wonderful glasses that can play music while you are emptying them.


The glasses are fitted with etched musical notations that show what level of drink is needed for the glass to produce a note. Pour in wine to the desired note, then pluck a string – sorry, run your finger along the rim – or, for a louder sound, give the glass a tap with your fingernail or a teaspoon, and you have a beautiful note soaring through the air. Make a gulp or two, and your glass is ready for another note as the beverage level goes down.

Lead-free crystal, each wineglass allows playing anything within the full 12-note octave from G down to A flat. Measuring 8.46″H x 3.54″Ø, the glasses hold 13.5 oz of whatever you fancy.