Dunhill Launches Revolutionary Biometric Wallet


Another new gadget from Dunhill – wallet with full a right to claim the title of a revolutionary. The accessory is not only an elegant design but can also guarantee the safety of money in it.

Biometric Wallet

The secret of the Dunhill wallet is in biometric technologies: even having stolen the wallet, a pickpocket cannot just simply open it and use cash or credit cards in it, since the fingerprint of the owner is necessarily needed to open the wallet. Of course, the Dunhill wallet cannot withstand the use of force, but by that time having lost it, the owner will have time to safely block all the cards – because thanks to Bluetooth-connection to the phone, a signal about any attempt to crack the accessory will be sent instantly to your cell phone.

The only shortcoming of the revolutionary Dunhill wallet is its really high cost: about 525 pounds. A good Christmas gift for men.

Source of the image: Dunhill.