8 Most Unwanted Christmas Gifts


A poll of 3,000 Britishers commissioned by The Brooke placed a bubble bath, bath salts and socks firmly on the top of the list of the most unwelcome presents for Christmas – probably one of the most useful polls these days.

Christmas presents

The list includes things that are quite predictable – like knitwear, address books and calendars – and some less predictable stuff like jewelry and perfume… Maybe we just don’t choose the right scent? Also, when choosing a movie, take care that it’s not the one your recipients have already seen.

The fourth of the people polled admitted that they are not above passing on last year’s unwelcome gift to someone this Christmas; it may well be someone they don’t really like, but the results say nothing about it.

However, 80 per cent said they give a careful thought to the choice of Christmas presents.

But when the gifts get finally unwrapped and found unwanted, it’s 40 per cent possibility that they will find their way to charity shops even before the New Year is upon us.

The festive season will soon be getting into a full swing, and it’s advisable to run your eye through the list of the presents that are likely to end up there:

  1. Bubble bath and bath accessories (including soap on a string)
  2. Socks, ties, pajamas, knitted articles of clothing
  3. Festive paraphernalia like candles or calendars
  4. Belgian chocolates and hot chocolate sets
  5. Books (even if they are joke books!)
  6. Perfumes, aftershave gels, moisturisers
  7. Jewelry
  8. Photo frames

Most people are threatened to get unwanted things from their aunts who are named by 14 per cent as worst gift givers, work colleagues losing to them by one place only. 9 per cent said their grandparents’ presents elicited no joy.

People would so much like their presents to be appreciated, said a spokesperson for The Brooke, and it is grieving “to think there are so many unwanted gifts”… Have better luck with your presents this Christmas!

Source of the image: Photl.