Katy Perry Launches Fragrance Meow


Hello Kitty Perry! Katy Perry’s unbounded love for cats is once again in evidence with her next fragrance release. Her last year’s debut perfume was called “Purr,” and Perry stays faithful to her favorites in the animal world with her successor smell, 2011’s “Meow.”

Katy Perry Fragrance Meow

Meow” is reported to be basically similar to the softer-sounding “Purr,” but while the former was more floral, the latter carries vanilla, honeysuckle and pear notes that make it sweeter. The bottle for the new scent is somewhat quirky resembling a kittenish skeleton with eyes that are a shade too impressive!

Two bottles are available, one for 1.7 oz goes for $24, the bigger one, a 3.4 oz, will cost you $65. Let’s pool other cat sounds and guess what Katy Perry’s follow-up fragrance will be named.

Source of the image: Fashioninyear.