Women's Wear Spring-Summer 2009 Collection from Versace


Spring-summer 2009 collection from Versace offers us the image of stylish and yet feminine and attractive modern lady.

Versace Spring Summer 2009 Fashion Collection

Gorgeous long chiffon dresses with low décolleté and leopard prints, swimsuits, tops and sheath dress with similar prints, and strict close-fitting jackets in combination with short shorts.

Versace Leopard V-Cut Dress

Versace Leopard Swimsuit

Versace Mini Skirt and Jacket

Versace Leopard Chiffon Dress

The shades of purple and coffee add variation to the key black and white colors.

Versace Spring Fashion

Versace Spring Fashion

Versace Black Top

Versace Sheath Dress

Versace Leopard Top and Black Skirt

Versace Beige Coat

Versace Accessories

Versace Pencil Dress

Versace Black Dress

Versace Leopard Bikini

Versace Leopard Dress

Source of the images: versace.com.