Woman's Clothing Items Men Like & Hate


A recent poll showed how a woman should look like in order to please men.

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It’s no secret that females try to dress nicely to attract the attention of men. So, what clothes should be avoided, according to men?

Women’s Clothing Items Men Find Hot & Feminine

The Elle magazine has recently conducted a study among men. The question was about women’s clothing items that men find feminine.
The results were as follows:

Men do not like:

  • 90% of men do not like when women’s skirt length is below the knee
  • 56% of men do not like when women are wearing things of too bright colors
  • 72% do not like shoes on the platform
  • 68% hate when women are dressed in clothes with the prints of a leopard, tiger, etc.
  • 58% would not allow women to wear sneakers.

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In addition, men hate it when women wear:

  • ugg boots,
  • harem pants,
  • jumpsuits,
  • dungarees,
  • gladiator sandals,
  • boyfriend’s jeans.

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Men Like When Women Wear The Following Items:

  • 76% like bright lipstick
  • 74% would like to see a woman wearing boat shoes with stiletto heels
  • 66% love dresses with flowers

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The style of clothing that the majority chose as the most feminine one is a classic style of a secretary in the office.