White Tattoos


These new tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in the recent years. Is it worth making a white tattoo?


White tattoos often look more elegant and refined, and sometimes acquire a glowing effect under ultraviolet rays.

White Tattoos & Skin Color?

First, this kind of tattoos suit dark-skinned girls. They look particularly impressive on this shade of skin. However, those who have pale-white skin can also consider a white tattoo. This tattoo can be advised to those women whose way of life (career, strict dress code, communicating with young children or the elderly, etc.) does not allow a regular tattoo according to the etiquette, but who want to decorate their body.

Of course, the girls who like to try new things and are not afraid to change their image choose white tattoos. For example, Kate Moss, who has already tried the innovation. She has a few white heart-shaped tattoos. There is the word “breath” tattooed in white ink on Lindsay Lohan’s wrist.


White tattoo peculiarities

Before you decide to go to a salon for a white tattoo, you should know a few things that distinguish this type of tattoo.

  • White ink is generally less resistant than colored and black. This means that white tattoos, though done by the same technology that ordinary ones, are not for the rest of the life. A negative consequence is that, over time, white ink can change the color, and the tattoo will look more like a scar.
  • The second disadvantage of a white tattoo is individual intolerance of white ink, which is not uncommon. If this happens, the tattoo may look bulging, swollen, and will leave an oozing wound or a scar. Or you will have to give up the idea, because the skin will not absorb white ink.
  • White ink does not look the same on all skin tones. It is difficult to say in advance how it will look on your skin. Therefore, the tattoo can have a yellowish tint, or lack color at all.


It is because of these reasons that not all artists are ready to create a white tattoo. And if you decide to get yourself a white tattoo, you may have to visit more than one salon, before you find the tattoo artist who can do it.

Applying a white tattoo

The technique of a white tattoo is about the same as the black one – it’s created either with a template or manually. A white tattoo may require multiple strokes over the same area for the ink to be completely plunged into the skin. This is because the white ink is not easily absorbed by the skin, as the black one.

You should know that a white tattoo should not be done on the open areas of the body: arms, shoulders, ankles. These body parts are frequently exposed to the external environment and sunlight, and all this destroys white ink. White tattoos are best done on the areas hidden under the clothes: chest, back, or on the inside of the arms.


White tattoo care

In the first weeks, try not to wash or expose the tattoo to sunrays. Afterwards, you should also protect the tattoo with sunscreen when on the beach.

Some strong chemicals can destroy the tattoo, so do not do chemical peeling or expose the tattoo to household chemicals. Protect the tattoo during cosmetic procedures involving lasers or acids for it to remain sharp and detailed.

How expensive is a white tattoo?

Generally, white tattoos are more expensive than black ones. This is partly due to the quality and a greater amount of ink required.


Given that white tattoos are only created by professional artists at good salons, you should be ready to pay an impressive sum of money. However, this, to some extent, guarantees high quality.