Wear Your Favorite Sounds Turned into Jewelry


The unique idea of representing sound waves as jewelry items belongs to the Japanese designer Sakurako Shimizu. The beauty of it is that practically any sound, human, natural or mechanical, can be thus embodied; the ones that Sakurako used were wow, a yawn, a giggle, the church bells and the wedding ceremony admission “I do”. All of these are made from high-quality materials including gold, silver, and palladium.

Sakurako Shimizu Sound Waves Jewelry

In her interview given to the PeTocuri magazine Sakurako said that she was getting her new online store sakurakoshimizu.com ready for selling her pieces, so you can start picking out the ones you like best. Those who have thought of sounds of their own to wear – or even whole sentences for that matter – can contact her and discuss the possibility of creating a customized item.

Sound Wave Earrings

Music Waves Bracelet

Music Bracelet

Sound Wave Jewelry Necklaces

Sound Waves Jewelry Items

Source of the image: sakurakoshimizu.com.