Sweet Rings by Megan Petersen


Love for sweets is possible at any age. Especially when it deals with women’s hearts. It is not even about ages, all social strata are equal in their passion for delicious dishes.

One can recall even the frivolous queen Marie Antoinette, who went into history, first of all, because of her affectionate devotion to luxury, fashion and delicious French pastries, rather than her political achievements. The collection of fine miniature rings by Megan Petersen is a sweet greeting to Antoinette and her infatuations.

Megan is engaged in manufacturing sweet jewelry and sells it in her small online store. Rings with skilful miniatures are so appetizing that they can cause excessive salivation. However, the treat is too small. But very realistic.

The jewelry is designed in the exclusively feminine, decorative, and light Rococo style of Antoinette. The rings themselves are covered with white enamel and delicate tendrils. Each ringlet is decorated with a tiny saucer and a luxurious treat: a slice of lemon, chocolate or cherry cake, French pastries or cookies with a delicious powder. All the sweets look very naturalistic.