Stylish Stockings and Pantyhose for Fall-Winter 2009-2010


Unfortunately, the summer is almost over, but we can brighten up by going shopping and buying some things, which will be fashionable this fall-winter 2009/2010 season. Today we will tell you about the latest trends in the field of stockings and pantyhose.

Fashionable Stockings

The new trendy stockings and pantyhose are decorated with precious stones, lace, flowers, and exotic prints. Perhaps this season they will even push aside your favorite skinny jeans.

Fall Winter Pantyhose Fashion

French lace from Zac Posen, monochrome black-and-white print from Marc Jacobs, bead embroidery from Miu Miu– without a doubt you will need a decent number of mini-skirts for those masterpieces.

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  1. Love these pantyhose and stockings. Gorgeous colors and great new patterns. My favs are the shiny silver and the bright blue striped ones. I think I’ll get both to wear on my nylon fetish site. Delany Decolleur

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