Style Tips for Tall Women


Those who are not noticeably taller cannot even begin to know what a gruesome task it is for tall women to look for clothes. You find items that you enthuse over and then discover they just don’t fit – and this sh*t happens with a deadening regularity. So, taller ladies often stand in need of guidance. Even those who have succeeded in coming to terms with the clothes market will be happy to learn some new hints that can make them look more immaculate.



Of course, if you go by the call of fashion and then have to put things aside because the sleeves are short or the leggings don’t reach down to your ankles, that is exasperating, to say the least. Well, problems are here to be overcome, and there’s a way to do it. Enter the shops fully cognizant of what you will be looking for, and it will increase your chances to get what you want by times.

Things that you need to know about a tall girl’s wardrobe are mainly as follows.

Keep your eye peeled for:

  • Long dresses
  • Jackets to the waist
  • Blazers
  • Impressive accessories
  • Patterns that hit the eye
  • Cinching belts
  • Tight jeans
  • Skirts slightly above the knee
  • Boots that go above the knee
  • Separates for work

Now let’s look into what they do to you.

Tight jeans are beneficial for your gams

Get your jeans as skinny as you can and let your legs make a statement. Never mind if they are a bit shorter than normal, just make sure you are wearing shoes that will draw the eye. Don’t forget that the turn-up is the thing now, so work up your hem by a couple of inches and put on showy shoes.

Choose bright tops with fancy patterns

If you intend to accentuate your body from the waist up, invest in printed tops and splash color around. Don’t think twice about attracting attention to your upper half (especially if you don’t feel secure about your legs).

Loud prints will help disguise your height somewhat as they will divert male attention, so stuff your wardrobe with multicolored tops. If you wear them with different-colored jeans, the two colors will kind of break your height up.

Patterned bottoms will look as good

Get them on with a simpler top of a different color, the reverse works just as well.

Dare sport large and eye-catching accessories

This is one of your perks that don’t go for many other women – for example, shorter girls are hardly in a position to afford wearing pieces that will seem too huge and heavy. Whereas you will only score another point with a bold accessory statement. If the thing is very big, better wear one than several overlying one another, make the effect sharper and stronger.

Ensure impressive waist-cinching

A tight belt is the best bet for looking like an hourglass. Being tall, you can sport a wide belt with a fetching pattern and a large elaborate buckle that is hardly any girl’s accessory.

High boots will do you a favor

Get a pair of boots that reach above the knee and put them on with a mini skirt or cutoffs – a recipe for a great and seductive outfit!

Waist-long jackets make a break

It’s always a good tall-girl idea to arrange a visual breakup about the waist. A trendy blazer or a jacket that comes down to your waist will serve the purpose just fine. It will accentuate a proportionate body and add a touch of chic to your overall appearance.

If you find that the sleeves are short, roll them up, an excellent way to get away with it.

Get involved with maxi

Maxi dress is another article which seems to have been designed especially for your height. No girl who doesn’t reach up to you can make so devastating an effect wearing one. Have several of those in your wardrobe with different necklines and bold patterns, and you’re well equipped for a mild autumn. Don a waist-long jacket over it and clinch the image with a statement handbag – you are sure to win over less topping girls! What’s more, and that’s a strong point, they are very comfortable to wear.



No reason to ignore heels

Probably someone told you that high heels are for petite women. Yes, so what? Your long and shapely gams won’t lose by adding another couple of inches. It doesn’t have to be a six-inch affair, you will look splendid in a fairly low pair of stilettos, and it will be easier for you to walk about. So, don’t confine yourself to flats and play up your height unreservedly.

Pick skirts that are slightly above the knee

For a daytime outfit a skirt that falls just short of the knees makes the best choice for you. First, it’s suitable for any job. Second, it will tone up your slim body. Third, it can look even sexier than a mini skirt!

Avoid complicated ensembles

You have not a single reason to disguise your height – on the contrary, put it on proud display! What will help you do that is a simple image. Tall girls need no elaboration, stay simple. Two or three pieces of matching colors that go together well, one happily-chosen accessory (a necklace or a bracelet), and you’re set. Avoid unnecessary embellishments.

Try new kinds of makeup

Are you self-conscious because of your height? Don’t let it stand in the way of experimenting with your makeup, hair and whatever comes to mind. Fancy yourself with lipstick hues you haven’t worn yet, go for a new hair arrangement. Search for a new image without hesitation.

Yet keep in mind that some things take you down

Here are articles of clothing which, however fashionable, won’t do benefit to your physique. Walk past them firmly in a store.

  • Vertically striped items
  • Shoulder pads
  • Frilled and ruffled items
  • Capri pants
  • Short skirts and shorts
  • Six inch heels