Style Tips for Skinny Girls


So you’re slim and graceful, and believe that there is no such thing as unbecoming clothes for you? Yes, mainly you’re right, but still there are some things about how to put across your appearance best that you need to know. There are items which will always make a good investment and likewise those which are better shut eyes upon. Stay well-guided in order to always look gorgeous!


Dresses, Tops and Trousers for Skinny Girls

Go for peplum style in tops and dresses – they will make your figure look more voluptuous. Playing for additional shape give a try to bootleg trousers and jeans, though with your slim frame tight jeans will also serve you just wonderful.

How to Look More Curvy?

If you want to hit the eyes with curvature, first, steer clear of black which is known to make you seem thinner. Instead, choose horizontal stripe patterns. Put on visual swelling by wearing a peplum dress or top, it should do the trick.


Best fabrics for Slim Girls?

A wise choice of fabrics can add or detract from your frontal curves at your will. When you need some extra bulk put on articles made from fabric with a structure, preferably thick ones. On the other hand too much in front can make you seem a bit rigid in the waist. Choose clingy sorts of fabric for accentuating your graceful shape.

Accessories for Skinny Girls

Make belts your habitual accessory, they will help you shape your outfit nicer by cinching your waist. Thin or thick belts will suit you alike, so you can alternate.

Best Trends for Slender Women

Coco Chanel’s legacy, Breton stripes look invariably good and they take good care of your curves. If your arms are thinner than you like, cover them with long sleeves. Thin legs will look better dressed in boot cut trousers.

How to Look Fuller Figured on the Beach?

Beach curves? Of course you are not going to neglect looking your sexiest on the hot stretch of sand. Tops with wiring and padding will help you out. Also, triangular shaped tops and supportive neck halters add to a bigger bust illusion. Don’t forget about the benefit of horizontal stripe patterns.

Fashion no-go’s

Slim is fine but not if you look all skin and bones! When creating an outfit, do without too much black. Your clothes shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight. Baggy items are often used to disguise slimness, but they often work the other way round because everybody sees your frame is swamped in them. Go carefully with layering, layer tops when you try to accentuate the breasts. Also, try the effect of wearing various kinds if thick scarves.

How to Hide skinny legs?

Legs which are skinnier than you would like can be hidden with very long dresses and skirts, if you keep in mind not to pick ones that are baggy and will spoil the show.


What to Wear with Scrawny Arms?

You would like people not to notice that you are a bit scrawny from waist up? Let’s don a waterfall jacket or blazer with longish sleeves. Then make your lower half brighter with gaily colored trousers and eye-catching shoes. Look for the clothes with batwing sleeves which will also give you a desired look.