Shoes and Accessories Fall-Winter 2009-2010 Collection from Alberto Guardiani


All models in Alberto Guardiani’s latest collection were designed in smart casual style. Alberto Guardiani carefully follows the traditions of shoe design: classic lines, perfect cut, and comfortable fit.


The designer is not afraid of the changing moods of shoe market and is always ready for flexibility. Overall, Guardiani easily adapts to new fashion trends.

Alberto Guardiani

Professionals note, that this brand’s collections usually stand out with their brilliant combination of comfort and style. The designs are always balanced, have smooth and clean lines, and are often noted for being somewhat romantic.

Alberto Guardiani Shoes

Below are collections of shoes and accessories for the upcoming fall-winter season.

Guardiani Shoes

Alberto Shoes

Alberto Guardiani Shoes Collection

Alberto Guardiani Leather

Alberto Guardiani Bag

Guardiani Leather

Guardiani Bag

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