Rihanna's Fashion Line Lambasted


Rihanna’s clothes debut turned out a very controversial affair.

Rihanna's fashion show

The singer’s collection for River Island was exhibited on Saturday night as part of London Fashion Week, and the creator must have been disappointed at the reception as The Daily Beast published a highly devastating review.

The author, Tom Sykes, came down on her like a ton of bricks, calling it a “horror show” and a “Fright Night in Kmart.” According to him, the clothes presented by Rihanna were absolutely devoid of style, predictable and unappealing in the least to the point of being “unsurprisingly slutty.”

Rihanna herself added some to the hassle by turning up for her debut an hour after the beginning. All things considered, it was not her best day altogether. When it all was over, she posted a Twitter message saying that she had arrived back at the hotel inebriated to find a heap of papers stacked at the door of her room.

There were a few more liberal reviews for a balance – the Yahoo! reviewer was quite excited about the debut, the Elle magazine was more reserved, although positive.