Punk Style TopShop Footwear


Designers at TopShop have been really very passionate about punk and rock style lately. You can easily spot their aspiration for those styles in the brand’s recent collections, which use various zippers, rivets, metal objects, and even thorns.

Punk Style TopShop Footwear

Louise Goldin is in charge of TopShop’s spring 2010 collection; she also decided to stick to the brand’s trends and embody punk style in her shoe designs.

Punk Style TopShop

Classic varnished sharp-nose shoes present the base of the collection. The designs are richly decorated with metal thorns. Numerous rivets and crystals decorate the shoes in the front.

Punk Style Footwear

Punk Style Footwear Collection

Punk Style TopShop Collection

Source of the images: topshop.com.