Most Popular Halloween Costumes


Halloween will be celebrated across the world on October 31. So Halloween party goers are now thinking hard of getting costumes to fit the occasion. According to the Forbes magazine, the following costumes are going to be this season’s hits.

Halloween Pumpkin

The fans of The King of Pop, who passed away this June, are going to impersonate Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Mask

On the Halloween night, there is going to be a huge vampire invasion with Dracula as the lead.

Vampire and Dracula

Characters from Star Wars and Transformers have continued to be popular Halloween costume ideas for many straight years.

Star Wars and Transformers

Lady Gaga has become popular globally and her style would look great for Halloween – white gloves, bedazzled sunglasses and extravagant outfits.

Lady Gaga

Superhero costumes are still one of the brightest ideas for a Halloween costume like Spider Man’s, Superman’s, Catwoman’s and so on.

Spider man and Catwoman

The costumes of characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland are also going to be sought.

Alice in Wonderland

Both grown-ups and children will be looking for costumes to impersonate characters from books and movies about Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

Caricature masks of politicians, especially Barack Obama and Sarah Paling, are also going to be in huge demand.

Barack Obama and Sarah Paling Masks

Cute characters from Where the Wild Things Are are very likely to be popular on Halloween too, don’t you think so?
Wild Creation from Where the Wild Things Are

And what is your Halloween costume idea?

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  1. I went to an early halloween party last Saturday dressed (quite convincingly I thought) as Alex from Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”. Of course, no-one under 35 could understand or recognize this costume. My good friend Danny came dressed as Michael Vick complete with his (Danny’s) live made up dog with fake blood all over it – absolutely brilliant and so original. (The dog loves everyone – would lick you to death) – they won “best in show” and they both absolutely deserved it.

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