New Fashion Trend: Bikini Jeans


As the weather has got warmer, the attention of youth is drawn to easy, unconventional, and daring clothes. One example of such is called bikini jeans. They offer a solution for the dilemma of what to wear in such hot weather – a light bathing suit or thin jeans. Bikini jeans combine features of both.

Bikini Jeans

The idea of bikini jeans was first introduced in 2008 by the Japanese designer Sandra Tanimura. In 2009 they got a wide popularity in Europe. A special demand for the combination of bikini and jeans was in Japan and Brazil: in these countries about a million pairs of the unusual pants were sold for a year. It set a record in sales of this type of clothing. Bikini jeans were mostly bought by women, but men models were also presented.

Bikini Jeans

The top of the Bikini Jeans is designed as panties – located relatively low on the hips. And lower they look just like jeans – trouser legs are securely sewn to the ‘panties’. They are made of cotton with elastic fibers, mostly spandex. This makes them tight-fitting.

Bikini Jeans

Modern bikini jeans manufacturers – Japanese, Brazilian, Turkish and some other companies – offer Bikini Jeans in a variety of design options. Laced, with a belt, in various colors including black, white and traditional denim, with embroidery and other decorations, narrow “tubes” and bell-bottoms.

Bikini Jeans

The price for the unusual trousers varies. Thus, the Japanese Sanna jeans in the online boutique are offered for 125 dollars.

Bikini JeansBikini Jeans


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