Michael Kors on Perfect Wardrobe


Designer Michael Kors explains why many women still have “nothing to wear” in the morning. They just cannot create their wardrobe properly.


This quote immediately became the favorite one among the fashion editors and journalists as soon as it appeared. Its meaning, rendered almost verbatim, is as follows:

70 percent of women’s wardrobe should be basic stuff, and only 30% includes feathers, furs, prints, sequins, and accessories.

Michael Kors says that there are still a lot of women who do the opposite: buy too many brightly distinctive things that arouse emotions, whereas base coats, skirts and pants are ignored. According to the designer, therein lies the eternal problem of women’s wardrobe: it is full, but there is nothing to wear.

Check out your wardrobe, maybe you have too many fashionable things and not enough classic ones. What does it looks like in real life? Of the 10 things, only 3 items should be “made of fur and feathers.”