Jewelry Contact Lenses


What better way to add glitter to the eye than put in a diamond or two? That’s right, into the eye, as a recent concept originating in India has it. Since people got round to wearing diamonds on the teeth, the next place for them will be the eye, decided Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan and came up with the concept of contact lenses that are as sparkly as they are luxurious.

Contact Lenses with Diamonds

So here are contact lenses (designed by Sanjay Shah) that are studded with white diamonds and meant to give your eyes a heavenly shine for a paltry sum of $15,000. Those who prefer a gentle yellowish shimmer can go for gold ones that will put them back less by $4,000. The luxury lenses are a limited edition with 3,996 items to be manufactured, each pair custom made for each buyer. Dr. Chawan assures us there is a guarantee certificate for the gems and a lifelong guarantee for the lenses that can be worn around the clock.

Of course, with 18 hard-as-diamond diamonds set on gold plates and the total weight of 5 grams there will be people that will shy away from the dubious adornment. Still, the description says that the plates will be located 6 and more mm away from the cornea and there will be water containers to tackle any probability of chafing.

Another important point is that the contact lenses are called upon to perform a good deed allowing for a free-of-charge treatment of a person afflicted with Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

The lens were unveiled in Mumbai, and the district chairman of the city’s Rotary Club B.M. Shivraj has already plunked down the stipulated sum of Rs 7-lakh for the diamond version of the lens as a support for the cause.

Source of the image: Stylefrizz.