How to Turn Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall Style?


The end of summer is the period that is particularly unpopular among many men. Not because the vacation is over. The reason is that the awesome shopping period begins. Children should start schooling, so attractive late-season discounts and hot female gaze do not leave any chance to keep the purse tight. Well, the first point is not particularly favorable for saving money, but we can at least show you how to update female wardrobe by September without any significant financial loss. Believe us, it’s possible.


September and even early October can be quite satisfactory in terms of weather and almost summer heat. In itself, it is a great reason not to part with your favorite summer things. Instead, you can update your autumn look, using the details and little tricks from this list.

1. Blazer instead of cardigan

summer-fall-transform-novate2A cardigan has long lived in the wardrobe of almost every fashionista. At cool summer nights, you surely cover your tender shoulders with it. To safely switch from the “summer” mode to the “fall” mode, stylists recommend replacing your strict stylish cardigan with a blazer that is so relevant this season.

summer-fall-transform-novate3Underneath the blazer, you can safely put on a graceful Boho lace top or even a white T-shirt with a rebellious inscription and go to work, taking a little bit of summer mood with you.

2. Keep the maxi

summer-fall-transform-novate4You do not want to say goodbye to your favorite long summer dress. Then keep it.

summer-fall-transform-novate5Simply add a leather jacket, a hat, a beanie cap or a warm band on your head.

summer-fall-transform-novate63. Add more colors to the white tone

summer-fall-transform-novate7The dress code often requires a classic combination of “the white top and the black bottom”. Just add any detail of the autumn colors, like khaki or marsala, be it a blazer or a new handbag.

4. A beach bag

summer-fall-transform-novate9Have you bought a huge summer bag? Not only your working papers, but also your lunch and sports form will fit in there. Large bags can exist even in the autumn wardrobe.

summer-fall-transform-novate10The main condition is to have a neutral shade and no summer prints, like anchors or palms.

5. Palazzo pants

summer-fall-transform-novate8It is a worthy investment to the autumn wardrobe. Even into its most strict office variant!

6. Changing shoes

summer-fall-transform-novate11Another pleasant feature of early autumn is the opportunity to wear stylish loafers, Oxford boots or rough boots. Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure.

summer-fall-transform-novate12In September, typical autumn shoes can complement even a light summer dress of the corresponding style!

7. Just add the tights

summer-fall-transform-novate13Just as in the case of shoes, the easiest way to painlessly adapt your favorite summer dresses or shorts to the autumn season is to just add the tights.

summer-fall-transform-novate14Thick tights without any gloss.

8. A scarf will be helpful

summer-fall-transform-novate15A stylish way to feel warm, when the temperature starts to remind you of September only in the evening is to cover the shoulders with a dense, but light scarf or a stole.

summer-fall-transform-novate16Do not be afraid to mix colors and prints – look for interesting combinations, which will also be reminiscent of the summer.

9. Balance the bright colors

summer-fall-transform-novate17Autumn is no reason to completely abandon bright, rich summer colors. Just balance them with suitable shades of the autumn palette. This effect may surprise both you and your colleagues.

10. The point is in makeup

summer-fall-transform-novate18It’s time to get your favorite dark lipstick from the bottom of your cosmetic bag and replace the neon manicure with the shades of earth and autumn leaves. You must admit that you’ve been waiting for this!