How to Choose a Wedding Dress and Bridal Accessories


Every woman wants to look like a queen on her wedding day. At the last London Jewelry Week, Adami fashion house showed off 240 000 pounds sterling platinum wedding gown. Only a few could afford this luxury. Today, we are going to talk about fashionable wedding dresses for mere mortals.

Platinum Wedding Dress

Trendy Wedding Dress Colors

Snow-white romantic wedding dresses are still in. There are other less traditional colors to choose from – ivory white, cream, beige, light green and even metallic color. Those who prefer brighter colors may like what renowned Alfred Angelo fashion house has to offer. This season, he is going to preen brides in stunning dresses of different colors, from sea green to Victorian lilaceous and pink.

Alfred Angelo Wedding Dresses

Latest Wedding Dress Trends

Most wedding dress designers now focus on Greek silhouette and Empire style, bouffant bell-skirts and tapered skirts, metal patterns and Chantilly lace. Gowns feature crafty waistbands and embroidery. Many dresses are distinguished by simple cut without compromising their sexy look.

Greek Style Wedding Dresses

Various Wedding Dresses for Various Ceremony Places

Creating his collection, Oscar de la Renta considered the variety of wedding ceremony places. Each bride will find something for herself. Flowing silk dresses and chiffon gowns for a themed wedding party on an island, silk brocade cocktail dresses for urban fashion-conscious ladies, romantic evening gowns with delicate patterns for a traditional outdoor wedding party.

Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dresses

Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

Winter or autumn wedding dresses could be sewn from velvet, taffeta or sateen. When choosing the length, consider weather conditions. On the other hand, cold season is the perfect time to add a diversity of accessories: long sleeve fur mantles, thin-leather gloves or nice muffs would all suit you just fine. You can wear tall boots outdoor and then change them to shoes at a restaurant. This season demands wearing stiletto heel shoes.

Winter Wedding Outfit Ideas

Choosing Bridal Accessories

Bridal accessories accompany a romance of the event. There shouldn’t be many of them. This season, designers decorate a bride’s neck with a thin golden chain having a golden old-style pendant. Earrings and bracelets could be more intricate – decorative patterns of golden wire, little stones and rhinestones.

Bridal Accessories

Wedding Bouquets

Winter wedding bouquet includes magnolia, chrysanthemum and hydrangea flowers. While earlier a bride was carrying only the bouquet, now it’s chic to have a little bag with enough room for handkerchief, cosmetics, favorite fragrance and a cell phone. Latest trends favor a clutch-bag with a loop handle that allows to carry it hanging on arm.

Wedding Bouquet and Clutch

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  1. Oh, how beautiful all these wedding dresses are. I would divorce only to have this Beautiful Day again!

  2. Most people want to have wedding in summer or spring, but my husband and I decided for december. And I had that fur jacket over my long white dress and white high heel sexy boots, it was so beautiful, everything white. Girls, organize your weding in winter! It’s so wonderful when everything is white, it is like a fairy tale!

  3. Besides, there are less people wanting to get married in winter. This is another reason to do it in winter!

  4. The Alfred Angelo dresses look like queen’s, the only problem with them is they are too long and even on the sunniest day they will look like a piece of dirty rag. Very unpractical, but VERY beautiful!

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