Combining Blazer and Jeans


A combination of a blazer and jeans causes contradictory reactions ranging from the absolute “yes” to a categorical “no”. Be as it may, the most important thing is the thoughtful approach to choosing the right jeans.

Jeans and a blazer is a combination that the most prominent representatives of the world’s fashion and show business admire. Designer Tom Ford, actor Daniel Craig, and supermodel Gisele Bundchen can be considered the best experts in the matter of a right combination of a blazer and jeans.

Jeans must be worn with a blazer, which is not too formal. A conservative office jacket is not always combined with jeans. For example, the classic double-breasted jacket with trim of silk does not suit jeans, because it is too formal. A blazer from serge, tweed and linen suits jeans perfectly well.

A blazer and jeans should be combined according to their tone. Dark jeans should be matched by a dark blazer. Blue jeans would look nice with a gray or sand-colored blazer. Absolutely white jeans, jeans with embroidery or cuts should not be worn with a blazer.

The combination of a blazer with jeans can be complemented with accessories and footwear of the appropriate style: a bright kerchief and high-heeled shoes. However, a blazer with jeans and sneakers look equally interesting and by no means trivial. It is the favorite combination of the young stars of show business.

A blazer with jeans can not be considered a formal dress, so a strict white shirt or a blouse, worn with such an outfit, would look out of place. It is better to be dressed in a simple sleeveless or a top without prints. In general, a blazer with jeans is an informal image, rather light and very stylish. It is suitable for many occasions.