Bra Barrettes Helps to Tuck Bra Straps out of Sight


With summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about your sunny day wardrobe. Less clothes on to bask in sunshine! And, of course, we have to look stunning, luring admirable glances from men and making even sophisticated fashion-conscious ladies turn their heads in envy. Your weapon for making the effect could be a novelty called Bra Barrettes.

Bra Barrettes

Edgy idea belongs to innovative designer Lara Merriam-Smith who also developed this interesting accessory. The novelty gives your top tubes and bra straps a new look by hooking them at your back so you look differently, too.

Bra Barrettes comes in a diversity of choices so you can go for something that would suit your top tube or bra. Bra Barrettes accessory is available with crystals or plane but the top advantage is a great choice of colors which undoubtedly makes this novelty more functional.

Bra Barrettes in two Colors

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