Booty Suit Makes Women Curvy on the Beach


Various figure-enhancing pieces of clothing are very much in (sales are reported to have grown up three times compared to what they were a few years back), and, rising with the tide, swimwear producers came up with a new design that makes women look curvier below the waist.

Booty Suit by Zoggs

The new swimsuit, a one-piece affair named the Booty Suit, is the first of its kind to offer bottoms extra attractive plumpness.

The ground-breaking idea belongs to Australian experts on swimwear Zoggs, and their suit is expected to capture the hearts (and the behinds) of many women all over the UK. According to Ben Rogers at John Lewis, one of the department stores to sell the new word in swimsuits, the demand has overreached the expected level even before the summer is in.

Booty Suit by Zoggs

The Booty Suit doesn’t look special in any way (as it should), but the ingenious design provides eye-pleasing swellings in all the necessary places. There’s an inner mesh-like layer and elastolesin, material that embraces the body, used to support and lift the globes in the most effective and unobtrusive fashion.

The suit has been designed for professional swimmers originally, and the creators worked out the idea that a slightly plumper bottom wouldn’t deteriorate the swimming prowess of the wearer.

Singer Jennifer Lopez and actress Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) are regarded as celebrities whose backside shapes inspire many women to look for the ways to play up their sexiness from behind.

The Booty Suit is already on the shelves retailing at £32: also on sale a boob-boost swimsuit, the Boost Suit, at £33. This summer the tail-shaking game is expected to be at its zenith!

Source of the image: Shop.zoggs.