Your Best Guide to Choosing the Right Mala Bead Jewelry Based on Birth Gemstones


If you already know about Mala beads, then you know that meditation practitioners often use them. This is one reason why Malas are immensely popular today – many people use them as a meditation necklace or bracelet. Malas have their unique significance based on the materials from which they are made. Malas can be made with gemstones, and the gemstone you choose for your Mala can depend on your intention or aim and your intuition and preference. But when choosing a gemstone, whether you have a meditation necklace, bracelet, or ring, you also have the option to choose your birthstone. The following is your best guide to choosing the right Mala beads based on your birth gemstone.

What are birth gemstones?

Birthstones, as they are also called, are crystals, gems, or semi-precious stones which are related to the month of your birth. These birthstones have a particular bearing on your life and its aspects – be it your health, finances, spirituality, inner peace and tranquility, and more. When you choose the correct birthstone, it can bring a lot of positive vibes and energy and motivation, and it can also send out your clear aim and intention to the universe.

Your birthstone and its meaning

Garnet – January

If you were born in the first month of the year, your birthstone is garnet. The stone is linked to Mars, and many believe that it protects wearers against night terrors and nightmares and offers clear direction when you are in darkness. It is also associated with constancy, wealth, luck, love, and healing.

Purple amethyst – February

Purple amethyst is the birthstone of February birthday celebrants, and it is believed to cure conditions such as arthritis, insomnia, headaches, and circulatory problems. Amethyst is also known to contribute to tranquility, calmness, and peace.

Aquamarine – March

The month of March celebrates the aquamarine, and it is said to symbolize youth, love, hope, happiness, good health, and courage. When it comes to its health and healing properties, aquamarine is believed to bring a cure to stress and problems with the throat.

Quartz and diamond – April

Diamonds have different colors, but the stone symbolizes invincibility and eternal love. In ancient times, people also believed that diamonds warded off insanity and gave protection and good luck as well as inner strength, abundance, balance, and clarity. Quartz is an excellent alternative to the more expensive diamond due to its purity and clarity.

Green emerald – May

Emeralds can also come in different colors, but the green emerald is distinctly for May celebrants. It stands for friendship and loyalty, fertility, faithfulness, good memory, clairvoyance, and foresight. Additionally, emeralds are seen to represent unconditional love, compassion, and unity.

Moonstones or pearls – June

Pearls were a favorite during Roman times, and for good reason. Pearls stand for friendship, loyalty, and faithfulness, and they can also ward off conditions linked to the stomach, heart, and intestines. On the other hand, moonstones stand for good luck and fortune.

Ruby – July

The ruby is the birthstone of July celebrants, and it symbolizes good luck and good friendship, but it also stands for happiness, prosperity, courage, and integrity. In regard to health, the stone is believed to purify one’s blood and give happy thoughts.

Peridot – August

For August, the birthstone is peridot. The stone is associated with protection from nightmares and can bring about truth, true love, protection, fame, and loyalty. It can also help with depression and can cure issues associated with the lungs, lymph nodes, and sinuses.

Sapphire – September

September’s birthstone is sapphire, and it is believed to protect loved ones, especially from envy and harm. It also brings insight and constancy, serenity, wisdom, and dignity, as well as faith. When it comes to health, sapphire is believed to help with inflammation and hearing problems. It may also lower a person’s fever.

Opal – October

Opal is the birthstone for October, and it often has a milky, creamy white color combined with iridescent colors. It can shield wearers from negative and harmful thoughts coming from other individuals, and it is also related to happiness and confidence. Opal also helps with problems related to the eyes.

Citrine – November

For November celebrants, citrine is an invaluable birthstone. It is a yellow stone but can come with a brown hue. Citrine is renowned for providing healing for the mind and body and protects people who travel. It is also known to contribute to energy, strength, vitality, faithfulness, loyalty, and friendship.

Turquoise – December

Turquoise is for December, and it represents the infinite cycle of life and death as well as rebirth. It gives good luck, happiness, and fortune, and can protect the wearer from different kinds of diseases. Turquoise is also good for establishing spiritual bonds and boosting creativity, and it also gives peace of mind.