Average-Size Models Advertise Clothes Better than Skinny Ones


Fashion brands owners need to make greater use of average-size models in their advertising campaigns. Studies show that these models, unlike zero-size girls, help sell the most clothing.


Scientists from the University of Kent found that buyers of clothing are more impressed with ads featuring models of standard proportions, unlike skinny models. However, this does not apply to advertising of the already famous and popular fashion brands, only the new ones.

In three separate studies, scientists asked women aged 18 to 25 say which models they preferred to see in advertising. It turned out that everything depended on the popularity of the brand. When it came to popular clothing brands, girls chose skinny models with the characteristic “size zero”.

However, concerning the new fashion brands, the choice was unconditionally given to average-size models. This was because the study participants did not know of the brand, so they could not judge the quality of its products. Moreover, women with the lowest self-esteem most often preferred average-size models.

According to the authors of the study, engaging skinny models in fashion industry is a controversial practice. In France, the Parliament has recently introduced a ban on their participation in advertising. Numerous studies show that models with “earthly” parameters are no less effective in clothes promotion.