Alexander Wang Christmas Mink Fur Sunglasses


An interesting winter collection of sunglasses has been presented by Alexander Wang. Once again he manages to find something unconventional in ordinary things. Alexander Wang Mink Fur Sunglasses are the sunglasses, which will surely please the lovers of winter recreation in nature – they are equipped with fur “rims” on a rubber band.

Mink Fur Sunglasses

The price, however, is not that funny – one will have to pay $799 for the unique model. It would be nice to wear such glasses over one’s ears to warm them on sunny winter days. Also, this collection will certainly please the fans of driving a cabrio.

Winter Collection Mink Fur Sunglasses

Mink Fur Sunglasses by Alexander Wang

Mink Fur Sunglasses for winter

Mink Fur Sunglasses Christmas sunglasses

Sunglasses Collection for winter by Alexander Wang