9 Lifehacks for Wearing High Heels Without Killing Your Feet


A huge dressing room with lots of beautiful shoes … Everyone dreams about it. Indeed, what can be more beautiful than a stylish woman in a fashionable outfit and high-heeled boat shoes? But sometimes it happens that the favorite pair of shoes rubs or squeezes. How to cope with this problem? There is a way out of this situation. In fact, there are nine of them. Applying these tricks, you can get the pleasure of wearing your favorite shoes.

1. You can stretch your favorite shoes with woolen socks and a hairdryer

To stretch tight shoes, you need to put on a pair of winter socks (you can get the socks with water before wearing them) and walk around the house. It is best to wear the shoes until the socks are dry. You can dry them with a hairdryer. This old proven method really helps! Thus, you can stretch the shoes for about half a size.

2. A daily sanitary pad can be used as an absorbent

You can use a regular daily pad as an absorbent insole. Such an unusual trick will help to avoid unnecessary sliding of the foot inside the shoes and the appearance of painful friction. In addition, you can get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes, throwing the sanitary pad away in the evening.

3. For the feet not to hurt while wearing the shoes, you need to wrap the band-aid around the 3rd and 4th toes

In order to walk the whole day on a high stiletto heel and not feel any pain in your feet, you need to wrap the 3rd and 4th toes before putting on your shoes. The fact is that these two toes have a common nerve, which provokes painful sensations when walking in heeled shoes. If you connect them and prevent them from moving in the process of walking, the nerve will stop sending the pain signal, and your fingers will not hurt. The method is unusual, but it does work.

4. To make the shoes less slippery, the sole should be rubbed with sandpaper

It happens that the shoes are so slippery that they literally knock you down at every step. To solve this problem, you need to gently rub the sole of the shoes with sandpaper in places of contact with the ground.

5. Dry deodorant helps to avoid blisters on the feet

To avoid the appearance of calluses and blisters, you can use special strips and shoe pads, which are well attached to the inside of the shoe and provide the skin with reliable protection. You can buy them in the pharmacy network or via the Internet. If you lack money, you can simply rub the problem areas inside the shoes with a plain dry deodorant.

6. Hairspray helps to avoid rubbing

To fix the foot inside the shoes and avoid rubbing, you need to apply some hairspray on it. This method not only provides fixation but is also well tolerated by the skin. Yes, it is quite unusual. But it works!

7. Tea foot bath soothes and relieves swelling

If you still had a trouble, and calluses and blisters appeared, the tea foot bath will help. It will calm the tired feet, remove swelling and at the same time relieve the pain in damaged areas.

8. Dirty stains on suede shoes can be cleaned with a nail file

Dirty stains and scratches on suede shoes can be removed with the help of a plain nail file. For a better effect, you first need to wipe the shoes with a dry cloth and try to clean the shoes of dirt as much as possible. Use a nail file to gently clean this place. But do not rub too hard, otherwise, you can spoil the suede.

9. Greasy stains on suede shoes can be easily removed with oatmeal

Greasy stains, which often appear on suede shoes, can easily be removed with oatmeal. A small amount of flour should be rubbed into the stain and left for 30 minutes. Next, just rub the spot with a piece of cloth.