9 Items of Women’s Clothing Hated by Men


Women’s fashion world was somewhat shocked as a recent poll revealed that almost all items of clothing that women think are fashionable are seen by men as total turn-offs. Bad fashion list complied based on a survey by website MSN included nine different items, from gladiator sandals to oversized sunglasses.

Harem pants, gladiator sandals

Men named nine items of women’s clothing that they can’t stand. First of all, men hate harem pants because women look silly and shapeless in them.

Then comes jumpsuit. Men think that at best a woman wearing a jumpsuit looks like a child, at worst like mums in the seventies.

Headbands, jumpsuit

The third biggest turn-off are ugg boots. There is nothing sexier for a man than a nice pair of high heel shoes. And ugg boots look clumsy at best.

The list of items hated by men also includes hair accessories. Most men don’t like all those barrettes, headbands and hairpins.

Among other fashionable items of women’s clothing hated by men are leggings, gladiator sandals, oversized sunglasses and even tuxedos.

Source of the image: Style.uk.msn.com.