4D Dress by Creators Nervous System


Some experts call this unique 4D-dress the future of the world of high fashion. However, its production now takes 48 hours, and the cost of clothing is $3,000.


American design studio Creators Nervous System used 3D-printing technology to create innovative dresses made of the finest plastic. The prospects of this technique lie in the fact that the computer model carefully measures and calculates the proportion of any female body. Therefore, these dresses undoubtedly fit the customers.

For its production, 2,279 printing panels were used, connected to 3,316 loops. However, the cost of a new dress was as much as $3,000. The company itself calls it a 4D-dress because of its ability to compress and decompress due to unique fabrics. Based in the US Massachusetts, the company has also created an application for smartphones and tablets, which allows manipulating new dresses. For example, using a tablet, you can select the pattern, texture, style and flexibility of a dress.

The creators of the technique claim that these clothes will be the fashion of the near future, as the dress allows women to receive an absolutely unique, designed only for their figure, item with lots of options. However, there seem to be no obstacles that would prevent the use of this technology in men’s fashion, if the latter want to have the most close-fitting clothing. Body scan has been widely used in Hollywood and video games for some time, but the fashion industry is not so active in applying this method. But now it seems that the situation has changed.