Why Do Pounds Come Back after Weight Loss?


The vast majority of people manage to lose weight while dieting, but then those extra pounds eventually come back. And that’s why this is happening.


Reducing metabolism

Do not feel flattered if you see smaller numbers on the scales than those to which you are accustomed. After all, this also means that your body metabolizes fewer calories now. And the amount of calories burned is closely related to the amount of weight. People with overweight and obesity burn more calories during exercises. When you lose weight, the body needs fewer calories. That’s why the lost pounds eventually come back because you just stop burning the right amount of calories.

Lack of sleep

A long night’s sleep not only fills us with the necessary energy, but also safeguards us from the extended waistline. In case of chronic lack of sleep a person needs to replenish energy, and then you are looking for different foods. Moreover, the body produces the ghrelin hormone, which makes you eat more. The amount of the leptin hormone, which suppresses appetite, is reduced because of lack of sleep. Finally, the metabolic rate slows down and so extra weight comes back.

Having no backup plan

When you celebrate a victory in your fight against excess weight after the diet, you often do not have a backup plan of action for the next period. One of these plans is the desire to eat only healthy foods in small proportions. If you return to the usual diet, be sure that you will get the lost weight back.

Loss of willpower

Despite the myths of an iron will, the person uses only a limited amount of self-control every day. If you spend this amount of resistance to avoid the temptation of eating a piece of chocolate, you will not have enough willpower to fight other junk food. That’s why you need to spend willpower skillfully rather than waste it on trivial things.

Old habits

Having changed your diet does not mean that you will automatically control how and why you eat food. Many people feel the need to eat in the company of colleagues and friends to establish closer communication when going to the restaurant. Others like to swallow food in a movie theater or while surfing the internet. It is very important to deal with these old habits because of which the success of the diet may be short-lived.

Improper training

If you lose excess weight, you will also lose fat and muscle. To put it in plain words, you consume calories for fat and muscle, and when the amount of calories is reduced, there is a shortage of both. It’s important to change the system of training so that the muscles are faced with new challenges. Boring and monotonous system of workouts will not allow you to progress; it will also lead to having the lost weight back.