Why Do Women Gain Weight Faster than Men?


The results of another study conducted by American scientists and devoted to the problem of excess weight are published in the news review of the Science journal. The researchers have analyzed the data and come to the conclusion that women gain weight faster than men because female brain is designed to effectively prevent the struggle with appetite.


According to the statistics given in the Science journal, the amount of women with excess weight is 25 percent higher than that of men. The scientists believe that the reason for this is the lack of will power: women suffer from stresses more often, and they break down after a grueling diet and tiresome exercises much more than men.

During the simple experiment which involved both men and women, the volunteers were asked to stay hungry for seventeen hours. While being hungry, they had to deal with different occupations and physical exercises. At the end of the 17-hour period, the participants of the experiment were led to the table with all sorts of dishes, but they were not allowed to eat. Instead, they were asked to think about something extraneous.

At the same time, the volunteers were undergoing magnetic resonance tomography to see how their brain reacted to food. It is curious that the vast majority of men were able to cope with the temptation, but all women, without exception, could not concentrate on anything except the thoughts about food – the activity of their brain reached its peak during such moments, the Science journal informs.

Source of the image: Photl.