When Vegetarianism Is Unhealthy


When Vegetarianism Is UnhealthyAs soon as the summer season starts, many fruit-and-veggies diet fans are filled with happiness. Finally the body can consume plenty of natural vitamins – they rejoice, without suspecting that even the healthiest nutrition can lead to so called “overdose”. When eating fruits and vegetables, the most important thing is not to go too far. A complete denial of animal food is not very welcomed by the body. As well as excessive intake of greenery and some other summer foods. Which ones?

Vegetarian Foods That Should Not Be Overeaten

For instance, except for the green additives to the table it is not recommended to overeat watermelon, raspberries, citrus, currants, sour apples and garlic.

Consequences of Certain Vegetarian Foods Overeating

Even though that watermelon is healthy because it normalizes the stool, in most cases it leads to a heartburn and belch. Raspberries eaten on an empty stomach can cause diarrhoea. Citrus, currants, sour apples are “instigators” of ulcer and gastritis. Garlic is not a welcomed guest in case of hernia of esophagus.

Why Not Becoming Completely Vegetarian?

Even in case of reasonable limits it is not recommended to fill ones diet only with fruits and vegetables – vegetable food does not have a component, which is very important for a human body – protein. Protein is one of the most important building materials for cells, it helps the cells regenerate actively. In any case, it is better to include meat and fish in every menu.


  1. “vegetable food does not have a component, which is very important for a human body – protein.”

    This statement is COMPLETELY untrue. There are MANY vegetable foods that have protein – Soy, broccoli, Spinach, Beans, Nuts, Legumes just to name a few. There have also been numerous studies done to show that the body actually absorbs and more readily processes and uses vegetable based protein vs animal based protein. Do your research.

  2. I’ve found the following information about the vegetable protein in the Web:
    Vegetable protein is poor quality compared to the protein in meat however its possible to increase the quality of vegetable protein by combining it with other plant foods. This is a common way vegetarians obtain high quality protein with a diet low in calories and fat… vegetable protein lacks certain essential amino acids but these are present in the rice and bread forming a meal with a complete protein source.
    If all essential amino acids are not present vegetable protein cannot be used for growth or maintenance of tissues. In this case the vegetable protein is usually burned as fuel or may be converted into fat.

    So, it means that vegetable protein alone is still not enough for the body.

  3. I’ve always eaten meat and I will always do. No matter what vegetarians say. Vegetarianism is now just a kind of fashion.

  4. I’m all for promoting healthy eating, and being a vegetarian works well for my boyfriend, but I really don’t think I could do it. If nothing else, like Gitta said, vegetable proteins aren’t the best for your body. And to be honest, I like chicken too much 🙂

    Interesting article though; even if you aren’t a vegetarian, these are good tips on what not to do.

  5. Sorry, but Being Vegetarian is very healthy and there are heeps of Vegetables containg protien.

    No offence but I know someone who was a meat eater and had several health problems and that person went on a Vegan diet and now all her health problems are completly reversed and she is so healthy now.

  6. I am a former vegetarian and my wife currently is a vegetarian. I think the main point that this article missed is that a vegetarian diet can be as healthy or unhealthy as one wants to make it. When I was a vegetarian I ate (and still do for the most part) mostly unprocessed foods with a high nutritional value. Tofu, seitan and tempeh are all good sources of protein and can be the building blocks of a healthy diet.
    Many vegetarians had poor diets to begin with, so without the meat they just fill up on high carb low fiber foods and fats. I started eating meat again because I need to be able to interact with clients without making a big fuss about what I can or can’t eat.

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