Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Work


Weight loss experts have compiled a list of simple but effective and practical tips for the women who want to lose a few extra kilos without additional loads, such as visiting the gym, or restricting their diet severely. These experts’ recommendations are published in the Women’s Health journal.


In particular, doctors give women a truly unusual tip on losing weight – not to deprive themselves of a dessert. According to them, various interpretations of the danger of desserts are erroneous. The authors of the publication advise eating a dessert after dinner because it will serve as a signal to the body that dinner is over. As a result, there will be no desire to have an extra serving.

Other weird tips include the following:

  • experts recommend drinking coffee with milk, as the latter contains calcium which blocks the absorption of excess calories;
  • it is recommended to add pepper in any dish where you can possibly put it, as one of its ingredients – capsaicin – speeds up metabolism.

Here are some other non-trivial psychological “tricks”: at a party, you should hold a glass of drink in the “leading” hand – the right hand for the majority of people. As a result, you will eat much less, the experts explain.

In addition, it is important to never ask for an extra treat, no matter how delicious the dish is. Instead, eat something else. If you want to chew something while waiting or watching a movie, it is useful to do something with your hands – to draw, to knit, to exercise with an expander or to be involved in any simple physical activity. This will “switch off” your brain’s desire to eat and inveigle it into another activity.