Weight Loss Tips for Lazy Women


Slimming programs often sound scary enough due to lots of hard work, energy and willpower they seem to require. True, some of them are like that. But if you are super busy or find yourself unable to follow lengthy and arduous procedures, don’t get disappointed! There are ways how to make relatively small investments pay big dividends. See how you can achieve conspicuous results in calorie burning by taking a few simple measures.


Coffee helps

Some good strong coffee can increase calorie burn for the following couple of hours. Here’s a reason for you to find your favorite brand of coffee if you haven’t done it yet.

Game of steady

Invest into a stability ball and have fun with it burning 250 calories and more. What an incentive to get yourself moving!

Make short-term regular commitments

Attack your carbs by staying off them for two days each week. Chances are, this way you will be burning more than those who are at it full time.

Stick some gun into your mouth

By chewing gum you will avoid snacking – and thus eat by approximately 10% less.

Adjust room temperature

64 degrees is the right room temperature for doing away with fat. Bear while you can is the only thing you have to do.

Eat Thai

By eating highly-spiced, pungent food you can speed up metabolism by 20% and more.

Cut one day

If you work out three times a week, you won’t lose anything by making it two times.

Take things easy

Calm and collected women burn more calories than those who are stressed by about 100 cals per day.

Think before you down your second beer

While one beer is all right, the second will decrease burning fat by about 70%.

Move as much as you can

If you have to sit for a long time, get up from time to time and walk about; if you can’t, move or tap your feet at least – your cals will start going down.

Sweat it out

You don’t need to strain for long – about 10 minutes of not-so-strenuous exercising will boost your metabolism for the next hour.