Weight Loss Time Trouble


It turned out that a strong desire to eat something delicious overwhelms dieters not at night, as many think, but in the afternoon – at about 15.30.

Woman on a diet

This conclusion was made by the British researchers with the participation of a dietician Linda Obyrne. They were watching a group of volunteers consisting of 1250 people who are on a diet. The purpose of the research was to find out why and when people lost control indulging in culinary excesses.

It was found out that 62% of people violated the established ration in the middle of the afternoon, 22% – late at night, and 16% – in the morning. 56% ascribed his failure to stress, 26% – to boredom at work, while 8% said that their colleagues brought to office all kinds of delicious things that undermine the spirit of those who are on a diet. In general, the information gathered allowed us to calculate the most dangerous time for a diet – 15:23. if you want to lose weight, be especially vigilant after 3 p.m.

Source of the image: Photl.