Weight Loss Implant


Weight Loss Implant VBLOCMedics are currently testing a new method of excess weight loss, which lets the patient live their normal life without changing their nutritional habits or dieting. The reduction of the calorie intake is provided by electronic implant VBLOC made by EnteroMedics. The new invention is said to have little or no side effects.

How the Weight Loss Implant VBLOC Works

The patients should wear a belt transmitting low-power electronic impulses that block the signals which the brain and the stomach exchange via the vagus nerve. Thus, the effect of this process is many sided: the “hunger signals” are quelled, the stomach doesn’t expand during the food intake without the connection with the brain; the blocking of the verve also leads to less gastric juice secretion and a less intensive digestion. The device doesn’t work constantly, but is activated every five minutes for a certain time. But this period is enough to rid the patient of the hunger pangs and make one eat less.

Comparing VBLOC with Gastric Bypass and Gastric Banding

The authors of the technology claim, that earlier methods of surgical calorie intake reduction, such as gastric bypass and gastric banding, are much more traumatic operations, as they physically stop the stomach from expanding, without mentioning the partial stomach resection which is used for the same purposes. The absolute advantage of the new weight loss method is in the fact that the operation is fully reversible.

Weight Loss Implant VBLOC Trials

The first part of the trials involved several dozens people who lost on average 29,1% of their excess weight. Now VBLOC enters the most important part of the trials, where 300 overweight patients are to be tested.

VBLOC Development

The EnteroMedics specialists have already gone further and started to develop an improved vertion of VBLOC, which should be implanted via gullet in order to rid the patient of any body stitches.


  1. Finally there’s been made something that can really help lose weight without retractions and damaging the stomach. I wish it could also develop good eating habits in people.

  2. I never did think that surgery was the answer to losing weight. It all starts with good eating habits and exercise but new evidence is also now out pointing the finger at toxins. It seems that fat cells surrounds toxins in order to protect us from harm.
    A new food technology based in cleansing is becoming more well known and the results are nothing but astounding.

    This is the type of help medical authorities should focus on. But then there just wouldn’t be any money in it if everyone released toxins and fat along with it!

  3. To me, any surgery to losing weight is ‘very last option’ considered with side effect occurs in the future or during the process.
    Whatever people choosing the way to losing weight, the important we should think is our body designed with natural treatment and nutrition. Other than that better make deep discussion with our doctor or health care provider.
    It more safe and natural.

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