Weight Gain during Holidays


Every year, as winter holidays are approaching most women get greatly concerned about the upcoming plentiful holiday dinners, rich in high-calorie but very delicious dishes, which can turn into extra pounds when the holidays are over.

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But, specialists from the University of Loyola, USA, believe that the negative impact of Christmas holidays on women’s figures can be avoided, even without the need to restrict enjoyment of the various tempting snacks and sweets.

The scientists note that weight gain during the winter holidays is not caused by the holiday foods, but rather by the excessive consumption of alcohol. Nutritionist Brooke Schantz, the head of the study, notes that alcohol drinks are very calorie-rich, especially, the drinks popular with young girls, such as Irish cream, rum, and Martini. Moreover, some non-alcohol drinks, such as coke and hot chocolate, are calorie-rich as well.

In addition, doctors report that alcohol stimulates appetite, so that women eat more than they usually do and do not feel full. Thus, professor Schantz summarizes that women who keep careful eye on their figures need to limit their consumption of alcohol during the winter holidays. Moreover, in addition to the increased risk of weight gain, excessive consumption of alcohol also has negative impact on our immune system, increases the risk of diseases of liver and other internal organs, and physical injuries.

Source of the image: Thetialys.