Weight Gain Changes Your Character


Weight gain may cause not only physiological changes but also the transformation of personality. Specialists from University of Florida College of Medicine proved that weight gain makes a person acquire new traits, and he or she ceases to be the same.


The lead expert of the research Angelina Sutin says weight gain leads to long-term changes in a person’s psychological nature. The study showed that even a slight increase in the level of body fat leads to changes in personality traits. Gaining weight by even 10 percent a person becomes more impulsive, and it becomes harder for them to resist temptations, i.e. the risk of various addictions increases.

Experts analyzed the data on 1,900 respondents of different social and economic levels and ages. Information about body weight, as well as personality traits was gathered at different time intervals with a gap of ten years. It turned out that those participants whose weight increased at least 10 percent had difficulty in controlling emotions, and they were much more likely to yield to temptation compared to people whose weight was stable all the time.

Pointing to the connection between excessive impulsivity and extra weight, doctors believe that it is because people eat under the influence of impulses: stress, boredom, keeping smb company and when watching TV, but not when actually feeling hungry. Complacency and comfort, which occur when a person eats something, are well remembered by the body, and memories of similar feelings arise with ease when a person is looking at food. Impulsivity is manifested in the fact that even not having a physiological need to eat a person cannot resist the desire to eat food, which gives him considerable pleasure.