10 Ways How to Lose Weight Fast without Gym


It is not really necessary to register at the gym in order to lose weight. There are at least 10 ways to help you burn 100 and more kilocalories per day.

10 Ways How to Lose Weight Fast without Gym

Dance and grow thin

Dancing is a great way to have fun and … lose weight! Just 15 minutes of active stirring motions – and consider it that 100 kilocalories is gone. And imagine how much you can lose by simply having fun at the disco!

Clean the house

Combine the useful with … the useful! General cleaning of the apartment that will last at least 30 minutes and will include mopping, cleaning bathtubs and tile, as well as changing the linen will help you lose at least 143 kilocalories.

Go on foot

15 minutes of brisk walking to work can also help you lose 100 kilocalories and at the same time help you save money for the bus.

Have sex

This is perhaps the most enjoyable way to keep oneself in good shape because 100 kilocalories will be gone after 15 minutes of active sex!

Bowling will help lose weight

Bowling is not only a pleasant way of spending pastime. For a one-hour game, you can lose a hundred kilocalories! But as a rule, an evening at a bowling club with friends lasts much longer than an hour, so you can imagine the positive effect.

Water the plants

Caring for plants is also a troublesome affair. After you must have watered them, cleaned their leaves of dust, transplanted them … If you love houseplants, you know – 15 minutes of ‘flower’ trouble will save you from 100 kilocalories.

Walk the dog

The dog is man’s (especially women’s) best friend because a half-hour walk with the dog is minus one hundred kilocalories!

Wash the car by yourself

Of course, you can wash your car using the special service. But if you do it yourself, then within 25 minutes of the process you will get rid of 100 kilocalories!

Come up the stairs

Going down and up the stairs is a sure way to lose weight. Imagine if in a day you walk up the stairs in a total of 15 minutes, then you will for sure be losing 100 kilocalories!


Which woman does not love shopping? Meanwhile, one shopping hour burns 100 kilocalories! And the longer you go shopping and try on clothes, the greater you get rid of calories.

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  1. I do agree that one does not need a gym membership to lose weight. Portion control and the activities mentioned in your article will work for most people. Over indulgence and then running to the gym just won,t work.

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