Unhealthy Foods Can Be Healthy


Tasty and Unhealthy Ice-creamToday many people take care of their health. We try to eat less and avoid eating some foods, which are regarded to as unhealthy. Such ones are junk food, sweets, fried foods and so on. The consumption of some of the food we think is unhealthy should be restricted, such as pork (as it contains a lot of fat) and eggs (as they are rich in “bad” cholesterol). Some should be not consumed at all, such as coke. Some foods we just try to avoid, as we are sure, they can make us fat and unhealthy, but these foods are in reality not so bad and can even do you good. Here are some of them.

Red Meat

100 grams of beef contain 129 kilocalories and 4,5 grams of fat, while the same 100 grams of chicken also have 129 kilocalories and 4,5 grams of fat. At the same time beef contains three times more iron and four times more zinc, which are needed by your body.


It has occurred, ice-cream is digested slowly, this is why one needs only a little ice-cream to feel satiated for a long time. Choosing from various diets, note, that a scoop of ice cream (75 grams) contains 114 kilocalories and 6 grams of fat, while a usual cheese bun contains 511 kilocalories and 43 grams of fat.


Some people don’t eat butter at all to prevent some diseases, while it’s so beneficial to our health. In reality you can’t eat a lot of butter, for example, you would need only a little butter for a sandwich, that is, 8 grams of fat, which won’t, of course, cause a cardiovascular disease immediately. Butter is one of the rarest foods containing vitamin В and beta-carotene – antioxidant, which is healthy for your heart and lungs.

Mutton Kebab

Strange as it may seem, a portion of kebab is one of the “safest” fast foods. One portion contains 232 kilocalories and 6 grams of fat, while a standard hamburger has 250 kilocalories and 8 grams of fat.

Most foods we know can be both healthy and in some cases cause illnesses. Moderate consumption of various kinds of foods can be beneficial to your health. Don’t overeat and make sure your body consumes enough necessary vitamins, minerals and other healthy substances with food you eat.