Top 10 Foods Breaking Your Diet


When we diligently get rid of excess weight through a healthy diet, we can be very disappointed if we do not achieve the desired outcome. But it turns out that some of the so-called healthy foods actually can destroy our diet.


1. Gluten-free products

Gluten-free diet causes weight gain. Gluten provides the texture and taste of a product, and when the manufacturers remove it from their products, starch, fats and sugars are used instead of gluten.

2. Coconut oil

Scientists have not figured out yet whether coconut oil burns fat, and whether it is useful to the same extent as olive oil. But in any case, this oil contains saturated fat that will not let you lose weight.

3. Yoghurt

It is a seemingly healthy product; most of its kinds contain artificial sweeteners, sugar, or fructose.

4. Sushi

Without a doubt, raw fish is a healthy product, but people usually eat it with lots of rice, adding different sauces and mayonnaise. They can eat junk food with the same effect.

5. Smoothies

Most restaurant smoothies are not only full of calories and sugar, but are also deprived of the required number of fibers that give you the feeling of satiety. Prepare homemade smoothies with milk, protein powder, seeds, vegetables, and fresh berries.

6. Dried fruits

This is another healthy product that we often eat in large portions. There is no water in it, there is little protein or fat, so dried fruits do not saturate you for a long time.

7. Salad

It is good when your salad is green, but it often includes walnuts, dried cranberries and blue cheese and quickly turns into a dessert.

8. Sandwiches with thin tortillas

Tortillas are considered a healthy alternative to bread, but they contain almost as many calories.

9. Muesli

Muesli contains oats, nuts and seeds, so it is a good healthy product according to its composition. But we usually eat it with honey (sugar), fat and some oils. So in one sitting, you can get up to 600 calories.

10. Maize

It is certainly a tasty and healthy product, but one corncob contains up to 600 calories! And it is a grain product, not a vegetable one.