Thinking about Food Promotes Weight Loss


Having conducted a number of studies on weight loss, the scientists from Liverpool University reported that memories of good food do not arouse appetite. On the contrary, they make people eat less.

Woman to lose weight

The key issue is concentration of attention: it was proved long ago that a person eats more when having a snack and doing something else simultaneously – watching TV, for example. It happens because we do it automatically, without thinking about the process.

Nutritionists recommend the people, who are losing weight, to start a food diary: records of the meals eaten, their photographs and packages of certain foods are reminiscent of how delicious the foods were. These reminiscences seem to fill the stomach. The leader of the study, Dr. Eric Robinson, notes that the work of his team can become the basis for a new strategy aimed at reducing the number of calories. However, it is necessary to conduct a number of additional observations, since all the data relate to the people, whose weight is normal, and it is still unknown how the new method will affect overweight people.


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