Sugar Content in Drinks Is Underestimated


The scientists from Glasgow University have analyzed the popular drinks that the British people prefer, considering them “healthy.” It was found that most of them contained more sugar than the normal amount.

Sugar is toxic substance

The researchers also conducted a survey of 2005 people, who were asked to estimate how many spoonfuls of sugar a particular beverage contained. The majority of the respondents almost always determined correctly that the sweet soft drinks had more sugar than necessary. But almost everyone was wrong concerning milk cocktails and other cocktails, energy drinks and fruit juices. Thus, the scientists have found that the “most useful” pomegranate juice contained as many as 18 teaspoons of sugar, one and a half times more than a chocolate milk shake or a fruit juice.

Consumption of sweetened beverages, such as soda, fruit drinks and juices, sports drinks and energy drinks has increased significantly over the past two decades in Britain. The scientists believe that it contributes to obesity, which is a major risk factor for health, causing such diseases as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes.

The study conducted in Britain also showed that almost a quarter (24%) of the dieting respondents did not take into account sugary drinks.