Shocking Truth about the Caloric Intake in Alcohol


Drinking alcohol can be a major cause of weight gain, which we did not even suspect. Such a conclusion is made by American experts, who have considered the number of calories in various alcoholic drinks.


Personal trainer and nutritionist from Arizona Lucas James has found that people who consider that they drink moderate amounts of wine each month receive additional 2,000 calories, which is equivalent to 114 packs of ice cream per year. In fact, the majority of adults get at least 10% of their total calories from alcohol.

It’s easy to convince yourself that alcohol in no way affects your waist, but dispassionate scientific statistics shows that this is not so. When we use a glass of wine, we do not realize that we get the same amount of calories from it as from a piece of cake. And instead of half a liter of beer, we might as well eat a slice of pizza, containing the same amount of calories.

There is no difference in calories between the Pina colada cocktail and donuts, as well as between the Frozen Margarita and cheeseburger. When the question comes to the number of calories per gram of alcohol, then there appears the information, which is generally difficult to believe. Did you know that alcoholic drinks contain 7 calories per gram, which corresponds to their number in pure fat?

Only alcoholic drinks that contain sugar are worse. For example, one serving of tequila contains just 100 calories, but if you mix it with all the ingredients of the Frozen Margarita, the amount of calories will increase to 500. Meanwhile, many adults do not even realize how many extra calories they consume because of their favorite alcoholic drinks.