The Secret of Successful Dieting


When we decide to control our weight, then, of course, we pay attention to what we eat. For example, we start to prefer only healthy food. But this does not guarantee that the extra pounds are gone, according to the experts from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They believe that the important role is played by such factors as diet. They proved this by experiments on mice.

Woman Eating a Cake

The experiment lasted for 18 weeks. During this time, the rodents were given food with the same calorie content. The first group of mice got fatty foods, which normally would cause obesity. 50% of the animals, which were treated with fatty foods, were eating food at one and the same time, while the other 50% received food in random order and amount. The second group of the mice was fed with useful products, and 50% of them had regular meals, while 50% ate chaotically.

All the mice without exception put on weight, but most of all those that ate at different times. The animals treated with useful products on schedule fattened least of all. Interestingly, the mice that ate harmful products on schedule gained less weight than those, which ate healthy foods in a chaotic regime. Therefore, the doctors recommend that those who are on a diet should think about not only their calories, but also about the time of their meals.