Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight


Quit Smoking without Gaining WeightMany women would try to quit smoking except that they are afraid of putting on unwanted weight. To what extent are these fears true and how can they keep the weight off? The main reason for gaining the weight back lies in the improvement of gastric mucosa and the secretory function of the stomach impaired by the gastritis that develops in smokers gradually. That’s why those who quit smoking experience increased appetite and eventually higher metabolism. That explains why you tend to gain your pounds back after discarding bad habit.

Change Your Diet

To eliminate the problem of gaining weight, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more liquid and exercise more intensely within first months without cigarettes.

Developing Eating Habits to Avoid Weight Gain

In addition, it is advisable to eat more, but in small portions, for some time. The best way is to eat five small meals per day. Eat slowly, chewing food carefully, and make a pause for a few seconds every time you swallow.

Keep on Dieting

If you’ve stayed away from smoking and stuck with your new diet plan for a month, you can return to a regular diet without adding inches to your waist or thighs. But why stop your healthy diet? Once you quit smoking and started a healthy lifestyle, keep it up and eat healthier small meals as well as more fruits and vegetables.


  1. I can’t believe I found the following on iVillage.com:

    “I just quit smoking– how do I stop gaining weight?
    Lynn Grieger

    Question :

    I quit smoking six months ago, after 20 years of smoking two packs a day. I have gained 25 pounds. I am short (5’4″), and now weigh 175 pounds. I am trying to diet and exercise, but I have intense hunger pains, and I am finding it very hard to stick to a diet. The exercise seems to be doing nothing to help. Do you have any suggestions?

    Answer :

    Despite your weight gain, you are far ahead of where you were when you were smoking. Did you know that a normal weight person would have to gain 100 pounds to equal the health risks of smoking? You may be interested to know that some studies show that weight gain from quitting smoking is usually temporary. ”

    This has to be the lamest answer I have ever seen anywhere. There is no comfort in knowing that I’ve decreased your health risks when I’ve gained 25 lbs. and can’t stop eating everything in sight. My triglycerides increased from 108 to 257 in one year and my cholesterol is up over 200 (it used to be 183). Lynn Grieger is dangerous to my health. She should either give real advice or keep her mouth shut.

  2. I can understand your frustration with this answer. However the content of her answer would seem to be correct.
    I would suggest that you try and eat high protien foods in you diet. They have high satiety levels and will help you keep feeling full for longer. Also eat healthy mid meals like fruit or steamed vegetables.

  3. Hello, I don’t go along with everything in this write-up, but you do make some very beneficial points. I’m very serious in this matter and I myself do alot of research as well. Either way it was a well thoughtout and nice read so I figured I would leave you a comment.

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