Post-Holidays Weight Loss Tips


Have you gained weight during the holidays? Doctors do not recommend torturing yourself with strict diets and hunger.

Woman Eating

After a series of feasts, the gastrointestinal tract is able to recover on its own in a healthy body, if you eat small portions of food. It is better to have 4-5 meals a day in small portions, eliminate or restrict consumption of the products that contribute to violation of the secretory and motor functions of the digestive system. These include spices, marinades, meats, and animal fats.

If the stomach and the intestines are working properly, it is not necessary to take some additional measures to remove the toxins from the body. Doctors also advise to consume fewer calories: less fat and sugar, and that will be a perfect relieving diet. It is advisable that those who intend to “unload” the stomach as much as possible should avoid fasting. They are recommended to have apple or yoghurt days.

Another important rule of fighting the excess weight gained during the holidays is constant physical activity: use the stairs instead of the elevator and walk 30-40 minutes when going to work or shopping.