Perfect Breakfast for Dieters


A recent research at the University of Alabama showed that improper breakfast can result in weight gain, while a properly balanced one, on the contrary, helps to get fit quickly. You should maintain balance between fats and carbohydrates.


The researchers concluded that breakfasts, which mainly consist of fat and contain a small portion of carbohydrates, are the best option for weight loss and maintenance.

The experiment involved 64 overweight people, aged 21 to 50. For a month, volunteers had had breakfast based on two options: first – breakfast with high levels of carbohydrates, second – with high levels of fat. At the same time, scientists measured the necessary health indicators, with particular attention to the level of insulin and glucose. The participants of the experiment, in turn, kept special diaries, in which they recorded their hunger and weight changes.

The results of the research showed that low-carb high-fat breakfast contributed to weight loss and maintenance. It turned out that the sense of hunger in this case occurs much later, as compared to a breakfast high in carbohydrates. In addition, the researchers warn that a high-carb breakfast may cause blood sugar level swings, which trigger hunger and fatigue.