Being Optimistic Works against Losing Weight


According to a new study obese people who are light-hearted and optimistic by nature stand worse chances to lose excessive weight. The study that recently appeared in BioPsychoSocial Medicine proves that being happy and carefree lessens the results of slimming programs.

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It has been reported before that the pessimistic outlook makes it easier to control the behavior and the lifestyle. Some self-criticism inspires a more careful approach to the problem.

A negative attitude and a sour disposition often mean that people are seriously concerned about their health and appearance, which is conducive to successful slimming.

Weight loss programs show better results in cooperation with an ‘adult’ ego which responds more readily. Whereas a ‘free child’ ego with its optimism and self-assurance gets in the way of success.

“The positive aspects of the FC ego state involve controlling negative emotion and are related to the ability to look on the bright side and do things in one’s own style, while the negative aspects are not caring about disease and giving in to temptation because of optimism, as well as instinctive and impulsive behaviors,” is the conclusion of scientists.

They point out that an optimistic attitude may entice people to go off a diet in contrast to negative emotions that keep their owners firmly on the path and thus help drop weight.

The researchers go on to accentuate the priorities for success. “It is important to enhance patients’ self-effectiveness and self-control in order to reduce psychological stress and to maintain the weight loss.”

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